Different Types Of Vapes

5 Different Types of Vapes: From Beginner to Expert and the Pros and Cons.

With a plethora of vape devices out on the market and more frequently joining the scene, we understand it can be quite confusing and daunting trying to find the right one to suit you. So, we’ve put together a guide on all the different types of vapes available at ELQD ECIGS and have broken them down for you!

Disposable Vapes

Screenshot 2024 05 28 13.36.17
Lost mary bm600
Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.38.25 2
Ske crystal 600
Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.39.30 1
Elf bar 600
Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.40.11 1
Elfbar af5000
Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.41.20 1
Ivg 2400

Disposable vapes, for example Lost Mary BM600 Pineapple Ice, are the most convenient and simplest type of vapes. Once you purchase one, they’re ready for immediate use. Standard disposable vapes provide 600 puffs – depending on how much you vape, these can last between 1-3 days. Larger disposable vapes which provide a higher puff count typically require recharging. Disposable vapes work to provide a quick hit of nicotine – typically containing 20mg – to satisfy craving, working well as an aid for smoking cessation. Disposable vapes aren’t refillable, so once the E-liquid runs out or the battery dies (flashing light and no vapour) they are to be disposed of.


  • Ready for immediate use
  • Easy to use with little to no maintenance
  • Small and discreet
  • Affordable


  • More expensive than refillable options in the long run
  • Non-refillable
  • Poor impact on environment as single-use increases waste
  • Flavour output is average
  • Nicotine strength isn’t customisable

Refillable Rechargeable Disposables

Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.45.20 1
Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.45.39
Redis v2
Screenshot 2024 05 19 14.46.03
Oxva oxbar

Refillable Rechargeable Disposable vapes (RRDs) are perfect for transitioning from disposable vapes to refillable starter kits and require low maintenance. Designed for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping, RRDs such as ELQD ECIGS’ REDIS provide a similar hit to traditional cigarette smoking, with the option of using your own E-liquid in a greater range of flavours and strength of nicotine. The rechargeable battery and refillable pod allows for around 4500 to 6000 puffs on average, lasting anywhere from between 1-3 weeks. Once the built-in coil burns out and is no longer usable, they are to be disposed of.


  • Greater environmental impact compared to single-use disposable vapes
  • Refillable
  • Greater flavour range from E-liquid
  • Option to control nicotine strength
  • Small and discreet
  • Visibility of E-liquid
  • Cheaper alternative to disposable vapes


  • Set pod strength
  • Set airflow which some users find too restrictive
  • Can become costly in the long run

Pod Kits

Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.47.08
Xros mini
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.47.42
Xros 3
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.49.22
Xros nano
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.50.20
Xros pro
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.59.23
Xros cube
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.52.55
Oxva se 2
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.54.07
Eco nano
Screenshot 2024 05 19 15.48.07
Luxe x
Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.00.40
Elf mate 500
Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.03.10
Lost mary tappo

A pod kit is a vape device that has 2 parts to it: a rechargeable battery and either a refillable disposable pod, e.g. Vaporesso Eco Nano or a prefilled pod, like the Elf Mate 500 or Lost Mary Tappo. Pod kits are becoming increasingly popular among adults making the switch from smoking and vaping veterans as they’re practical, simple to use and require low maintenance whilst being fairly affordable and providing satisfactory hits of nicotine with their high performance, working smoothly with the likes of 50:50 nicotine salts.

The pod’s filling port can either be found on the side, bottom or top (under the mouthpiece) of the pod. Each pod can last between 1-3 weeks depending on use and brand, so once they burn out or start to show signs of deterioration (leaking or discoloration), simply dispose of it and replace. Most pod kits, such as Vaporesso’s Eco Nano have a puff-activated firing – simply inhale to produce vapour. They vary in shapes and sizes but are ultimately designed to be sleek and fit comfortably in the hand or pocket.

Charging your pod kit is also very simple, ensuring you use a charger that is suitable to avoid early battery degradation. The battery indicator light featured on the device will alert you as to when it needs to be charged, i.e. red or flashing light, with a noticeable reduction in vapour production. Most pod kits require a rough charging time of 30-45 minutes.


  • Simple to use
  • Low maintenance
  • High performance
  • Convenient
  • More environmentally friendly than single-use disposable vapes
  • Less mess changing pods as opposed to coils
  • Longer lasting battery
  • Adjustable airflow on most pod kits
  • Draw or button activated
  • Sleek design
  • Range of power outage
  • Visibility of E-liquid in most pods


  • Only work with same brand and version pods (one size doesn’t fit all)
  • Quality can vary between devices/brands
  • Frequent recharging

Vape Pen

Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.09.42

Vape pens are a refillable vape device in a cylindrical shape, often described as looking like a pen – hence the name! Their design is either long and slim or thicker, almost like an ‘electric cigar’. They provide a traditional vaping experience, featuring a refillable tank which uses replaceable coils and is filled with E-liquid. Coils are required to be replaced every 1-2 weeks depending on use, power range and E-liquid type. Some vape pens are designed with the feature of adjusting the wattage or power output of the device for user comfort and preference. Around the base of the tank, there is usually a ring for adjusting airflow to create a tighter or airier draw.

These devices tend to be activated using a ‘fire’ button, requiring 5 quick presses to turn it on/off and then holding the button in when inhaling as opposed to it automatically vaporising from inhalation with pod kits. As vape pens tend to be larger than the likes of a pod kit, their batteries will have a larger capacity to last longer between charges.

Vape pens can be used for both Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping, depending on design. For example, Vaporesso GTX GO 80 utilises DTL and RDTL (Restricted-Direct-to-Lung) vaping and therefore works better with high VG E-liquids such as 70/30 shortfills.


  • Fits nicely in hand and pocket, some ex-smokers say it feels similar to holding a cigar
  • Reliable
  • Increased battery life
  • Larger vapours production compared to pod kit systems
  • Fairly simple to use
  • Option for MTL or DTL vaping


  • Changing coils tends to be messier than changing pods
  • Wattage isn’t always filly adjustable depending on design
  • Typically higher E-liquid consumption

Vape Mods

Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.10.39 1
Gen 200
Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.11.03
Target 200
Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.11.42
Armour max
Screenshot 2024 05 28 14.29.13
Armour s
Screenshot 2024 05 19 16.12.08
Gtx one

Vape mods are the largest vape devices which offer the most power, an even greater performance and production of even larger vapour clouds. Due to their large and boxy shape, they can hold larger batteries than other vaping devices, with some box mods being able to hold two battery cells, e.g. Vaporesso Gen 200, increasing battery life. For vape mods that require external batteries, it’s recommended that you use a Drip Charger where possible to get the most out of your batteries and avoid overcharging. Not all batteries are at equal charge when purchased, so it’s advised to pop them in a Drip Charger and wait until they’re fully charged before first use.

Vape mods typically come with adjustable wattage and modes of performance, e.g. bypass mode, pulse mode and temperature control, and their included tanks can either utilise MTL vaping, e.g. Vaporesso GTX One, or DTL vaping, e.g. Vaporesso Target 200. For DTL vaping, you want to focus on 70/30 shortfills as they have a higher VG make-up. Additional features of vape box mods include puff counters, ohm monitors, coil-type recognition, atomiser limits and battery monitors.


  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with any 510 tank
  • Higher performance
  • Large cloud production
  • High VG E-liquid – great flavour choices


  • Too advanced for beginners
  • Not pocket-friendly
  • On the more expensive side
  • Can be complicated to use
  • Not recommended for Nicotine Salts

What Vape Might Be Most Suitable to You?

Disposable Vapes:

Great for beginners on their journey to making the switch from traditional smoking as they can get the jist of vaping. Perfect for going out when you don’t want to risk losing your refillable vape kit and for discreet vaping when out in social places where vaping is deemed socially unacceptable due to widespread misunderstanding among public perception.

RRD Vapes:

Also handy for going out/nights out when you don’t mind losing or breaking it but you still want the choice of flavour and preferred nicotine strength. They make the perfect vaping device for transitioning off of disposable vapes and onto refillable devices as users can get used to refilling the E-liquid, keeping it charged and looking for signs of coil deterioration, as well as the added bonus of being able to control the nicotine strength and experiment with flavours.

Pod Kits:

Great devices for beginners due to their simple use and low maintenance. For experienced vapers, they’re a great option if you want a smaller and more pocket-friendly device to help you reduce your E-liquid consumption, as well as the convenience of replacing pods instead of coils.

Vape Pens:

Perfect if you want a device that offers a greater performance but still want something relatively small. Vape pens are great for users who want that traditional vaping experience of replacing coils and the added features for optimal customisation.

Vape Mods:

For veteran vapers who love a fully customisable vaping experience, look no further. Vape mods offer the highest performance, longest battery life and largest vapour production for massive cloud seekers that a vape device can offer.

We hope you found this guide informative and hopefully you now have an easier time deciding which vape device is most compatible with your vaping style! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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