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The Story Behind ELQD ECIGS

Our Mission

Here at ELQD ECIGS we are in the business of saving people from the expensive and health destroying habit of tobacco smoking. We offer multiple healthier alternatives to smoking, the most popular of which is electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes provide the sensation of smoking, without the 4000+ additional chemicals which come along with smoking traditional cigarettes. Vaping delivers nicotine in order to satisfy the cravings, which leads to a healthier, cheaper experience for you, the customer.

Origins Of Our Name

First things first let’s talk about where we got our name, it’s a simple story. The liquid that’s used in vaping is known as E-Liquid, so we shortened that to ELQD, the kits that we put the E-Liquid in are known as E-Cigarettes, so we shortened that to ECIGS. Put the two together and you get ELQD ECIGS! Clever aren’t we?

Where did it all start for ELQD ECIGS?

It all started in August 2013 on Molesworth Street, Cookstown where we opened the first of our stores, which is still our flagship store to this day. This makes us one of the longest-running vape shops in Northern Ireland. This store was opened with the aim of getting premium quality E-Cigarettes & E-Liquids into the hands of every smoker in Mid-Ulster and the rest of the UK. This was a mountainous task, and we realised that, but we knew that we could achieve this with a well founded belief in all of the products we sell, as well as our team’s market leading product knowledge.

Our journey continued with the opening of our first store in Magherafelt, which opened in May 2014, this allowed us to expand our in person customer base into the area surrounding Magherafelt. When this store hit the ground running it allowed us the opportunity to upsize a year later. In September 2015 we moved to our current premises on 59 Rainey Street. The store continues to thrive to this day, bringing quality vape devices and e-liquids to every smoker in Magherafelt and the surrounding areas.

Our most recent store opening was in Dungannon, 49 Irish Street, it has been opened since February 2018. Allowing us to continue our mission and help more people kick the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, and save them a small fortune whilst doing it.

As well as our 3 bricks & mortar stores we have a growing online presence which allows us to broaden our customer base further again. We are able to put our high-quality products into the hands of smokers and vapers across Northern Ireland, the UK Mainland and more recently the Republic of Ireland.

The reason that we continue to grow is that we focus on the quality of all products that we sell. Each one of our kits, eliquids, tanks and coils have been thoroughly vetted by our staff, prior to them ever reaching our store shelves or being listed on our website. We don’t deal in sub-par hardware or eliquid, the very notion of it goes against all that we stand for as a business. The black & gold in our logo symbolises to customers that we’re the Gold Standard for vaping products in Mid-Ulster & beyond.

What Products Do We Stock?

Our list of products is a star studded lineup from market leading manufacturers such as Vaporesso, OXVA, Aspire, Voopoo & more. This involves outstanding products such as the Vaporesso XROS Pro, the Vaporesso Gen 200 and the Oxva XLIM series of devices. When it comes to e-liquid, our lineup is packed out with flavours from titans such as Jinx, Ohm Boy and Doozy. If nicotine salts are more your thing we have over 100 flavours, from outstanding brands such as Bar Juice 5000, ELUX Legend Salts & Maryliq, all at just £3 each or 4 for £10.

When it comes to freebase nicotine e-liquid we’ve got you covered as well with over 20 flavours available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg. Best sellers such as Smooth Tobacco, Ice Mint & Fruit Mix being amongst the most popular eliquids we sell, both in store and online.

As well as our extensive range of E-Liquid, we also stock over 100 flavours of disposable vapes from award winning manufacturers such as Lost Mary and Elf Bar. Including XL options such as the IVG 2400 4in1 and the Elf Bar AF5000 which both offer longer lasting options compared to the traditional 600 puff disposables.

Added Benefits When You Shop At ELQD ECIGS

Another fantastic initiative that we offer in all ELQD ECIGS stores and online is our Loyalty card scheme, which allows you to earn points on every pound that you spend. These points can then be used to get some massive discounts on your next shop.
Joining our loyalty card program also has the added benefit of giving you access to exclusive in-store sales and competitions just for our members. For information on when these competitions and sales are running, feel free to join our facebook group here.