Gum Manufacturer Wrigley Sues Eliquid Company

Wrigley, the manufacturer of iconic chewing gum products, has filed a lawsuit against eliquid manufacturer Chi-Town Vapers.  The lawsuit relates to 2 flavours Chi-Town Vapers sell, namely Joosy Fruit Gum and Dbl Mint, both of which bear a striking resemblance to Wrigley’s trademarked chewing gums, in name and packaging. In the lawsuit Wrigley’s filed, it states the following:

Rather than develop their own brand names for their products, defendants have chosen to market their e-liquid for electronic cigarettes using the trademarks of various other well-known companies, including Wrigley’s brand names, without authorisation or license.

The company also stated that Chi-Town Vapers use trademarks from several other companies, including Red Bull, Mountain Dew and Skittles.

Source: New York Post

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