How To Start Vaping Top 5 Tips

How To Start Vaping – ELQD ECIGS’ 5 Important Tips To Get Started

“How to start Vaping?” it’s a great question and one that we here at ELQD ECIGS are happy to answer! Although making the change from smoking conventional cigarettes to vaping is a great change for your wallet, and an even better change for your general health, here at ELQD ECIGS we realise that it can be daunting. Especially if you have never used a Vape Kit before. So here we are with our Top 5 tips on starting Vaping!

Vaping Top Tip Number 1: Always Buy Vaping Supplies from a reputable source!

Because of the nature of the Vaping industry and how popular Vaping has become, there is the problem of counterfeit parts and kits plaguing the market. These counterfeit parts often appear much cheaper than their legitimate counterparts but this is due to the fact that these parts will not have undergone the strenuous testing that the legitimate parts have. 

The counterfeit parts will likely not work as expected in your vape kit, and worst case scenario some can contain harmful substances which you do not want to be inhaling!

Counterfeit kits will often break very quickly and are often made with inferior batteries which can lead to overheating, in the worst case scenario some of these kits can even vent their batteries, which is not something that you want happening in your pocket.

Most companies who are in the industry of manufacturing any vaping paraphernalia will have their different ways to verify whether or not a product is legit, this differs from company to company but below you will find a few links for companies that we here at ELQD ECIGS stock so you can be sure any product you buy from us is 100% legitimate!

For these reasons you should always buy any Vaping related product from a reputable source, such as a brick and mortar vape shop or any of those brick and mortar vape shops who have websites. As a general rule of thumb, try not to buy anything vaping related off of the internet where you cannot track where it is coming from, i.e a website which does not have easily visible links to a brick and mortar shop is a no-go!

Vaping Top Tip Number 2: Visit your local Vape Shop often!

The next tip on how to start vaping is to spend some time in your local Vape shop! There is no better fountain of Vaping knowledge than the staff in your local vape shop, here at ELQD ECIGS all of our members of staff have been in the exact same boat as you, trying to make the change. We know exactly how tough it can be at times. Some could say we went through it the hard way so that you don’t have to!

Generally speaking, if there’s something wrong with your kit or you are having trouble sticking to vaping, a quick call down to the local Vape Shop will provide you with plenty of advice and assistance in order to make your vaping experience as pleasant as can be!

Vaping Top Tip Number 3: Don’t hesitate to try different flavours or strengths of E-Liquid!

One of the major plus points for vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes is the sheer amount of flavours that there are available. In our own brand of eliquid we have well over 30 different flavours to choose from. These cover everything from simple rolling tobacco (Smooth Tobacco), our favourite fruit medley (Fruit Mix), to classic sweet shop bubblegum!

Although at first glance your initial thought might be “I want to stick to Tobacco”, don’t hesitate to try different things, you may find that Fruit Mix Ice is your new favourite, or that Ice Mint hits that minty fix that you’ve been looking for!

The same Principle applies to nicotine strengths, when you purchase a kit with us we will usually provide you with a nicotine strength that is most suited to how heavy of a smoker you were/are. However, even though this approach is highly effective some people may find that the strength that we provided is either too weak or too strong. Don’t hesitate to drop or increase your nicotine strength until you find the one that works for you. We’ve even put together a handy little guide for any readers who are debating getting started by ordering through the website!

Nicotine Level Guide Elqd

Vaping Top Tip Number 4: Consider having a “back up” vape!

The next top tip on how to start vaping is to always make sure you’re well prepared with a back up! Although this tip may not be your first priority when starting to vape, it’s always handy to have a kit in reserve just in case you get caught short while out running errands or away on a trip. This usually is one of the major pitfalls for people who are working on stopping smoking, as it leads to them heading to the shop to pick up a packet of cigarettes.

This back up kit doesn’t even have to be anything special, it can be something as simple as a disposable vape that you keep in the car or in your bag, or it could be an old kit you have since upgraded from! 

Vaping Top Tip Number 5:  Start with a simple kit & Upgrade as you see fit!

Finally on our list of tips on how to start vaping talks about the kit choice of those starting out. One of the major obstacles that new vapers come up against when starting out is buying a kit which has lots of different settings, a big screen with complex controls or a difficult to work tank. These kits have their place in the market but usually when starting out they are not the best choice. We here at ELQD ECIGS would always recommend starting with a simple pod kit like the XROS Mini and then upgrading as you go along, if you feel it’s needed. You can find our full review on our vaping starter kit of choice HERE!

We hope that our list of 5 tips on how to start vaping helps you get a general idea of what it takes to make the change, if you have any further questions drop us a message on the live chat or call in to any of our three stores. We’re always happy to help!

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