TPD 2016 – UK Government Keeps The E-Cigarette Industry Alive

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) set by the EU is due to come into affect on May 2016 and will impose some restrictions on the products we offer. But thanks to the UK Government’s sensible approach, the restrictions and costs associated with the TPD will have a minimal affect on our business or the products we offer. Read more about the changes below.

What is the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)?

The TPD is an EU directive for all member states which initially only included tobacco products such as cigarettes. E-cigarettes were added to the directive last year and ever since there has been much debate as to whether the restrictions were necessary or in the best interest of the public.

What restrictions are being implemented by the TPD?

In short it’s mostly to do with nicotine-containing liquid and tanks. The TPD restricts the maximum amount of nicotine in eliquid to 20mg/ml (2%) and only available in a maximum size of 10ml bottles. Thankfully the UK has opted not to include 0% eliquid in the restrictions. The TPD also restricts the size of tanks to 2ml. Although at the minute it is unclear whether this means pre-filled tanks are restricted to 2ml (like those found in cig-a-like products) or all tanks, such as the Uwell Crown will be restricted to 2ml in capacity. When we get some clarification on this point we will update this article.

Will my favourite e-cigarette products be available after May 2016?

Yes, they’ll still be available. All UK e-cigarette businesses will have to submit a notification to the MHRA for each product we wish to import/sell. The UK government has given importers and businesses like ELQD ECIGS an exceptionally reasonable extension to products we already stock. Any products we currently have in stock will be given 1 year to be registered with the MHRA. After May 2016, we have 6 months to notify them of new products we wish to import/sell.

Will the introduction of the TPD cost e-cigarette businesses money? Will it drive up prices of products?

The cost of notifications to the MHRA is quite reasonable, again we have to congratulate the UK government on being realistic in their approach for the notification process. Initially it was thought that the UK would require an authorization system, which would have cost an incredible amount of money for testing each product and it’s variations. This would have in-turn forced a majority of small to medium sized e-cigarette businesses and eliquid manufacturers to close. Since the UK government has opted for a notification scheme with reasonable fees, we don’t foresee any price increases.

Now Shipping To The EU

After countless emails asking us to ship to the rest of Europe, we’re happy to announce that from today, all products on ELQD ECIGS are available to ship to anywhere in the EU for a flat rate of £14.99. Orders should be received within 3-5 days.

Thanks for your continued support!

How To Setup Your Volcano Lavabox DNA200 Box Mod

So you’ve just received your Volcano Lavabox and you want to make sure your getting the most out of it? Well we’ve got you covered, just follow the steps below and you’ll be shrouded in a cloud of vapour in no time.

Download EScribe Software & Install It

Click here to download the EScribe software from Evolv. This piece of software was made specifically for the DNA200 board. There’s also an interactive manual if you want to go through all the settings, click here to see the manual.

After downloading the software, open it and continue through the steps to install it.

Connect Your Volcano Lavabox And Update

Connect your Volcano Lavabox DNA200 to your PC/laptop with the micro-usb cable provided. On top of the EScribe software there is a button called Connect and Download Settings, click that. If there’s a firmware update available for the DNA200 chip the software will notify you and ask you to update. Update your mod before continuing.

Setup Your Volcano Lavabox DNA200

The first things you need to do is to download the battery curve CSV file from Volcano, click here to download.

  • Click on the Mod tab
  • Change the Capacity – Enter 9.99
  • Change the Cell Soft Cutoff – Enter 3.09***
  • Scroll down and hit the Load CSV… button (below the battery graph)
  • Select the CSV file you just downloaded and click OK
  • Change the Mod Resistance – Enter 0.007
  • Click Upload Settings to Device button

***Volcano have recommended a VERY HIGH cell soft cutoff amount of 3.66v. In short it means that you’re only able to use approximately half the available battery life. 3.09v is the value recommended by Evolv. The DNA200 board has a hard cutoff set at 2.85v, so you’re covered anyway. If you are worried about premature degradation of the battery cells you can set it at 3.2v.

You’re done, have a vape!

Doctors lobby for a ban on sale of cigarettes to anyone born this century

UK doctors and medical experts have called for a nationwide ban on the sale of cigarettes and tobacco to anyone born after the year 2000. This unusual plan would see the age limit, currently set at 18, to rise every year from 2018 onwards.

According to the figures provided by the NHS, at least 100,000 people are killed every year in Great Britain. Experts are now calling on the BMA to lobby the government in legislating this ban.

Although the rate of smokers is declining, around 20% of those living in the UK are believed to be smoking. The decline is due to the anti-smoking laws such as raising the legal age to buy tobacco and banning smoking in work and public places.

LA Bans E-Cigarette ‘Smoking’ In Public Places

Los Angeles became the largest city in America to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public places this month. The Los Angeles city council voted unanimously to ban e-cigarettes in every public place that smoking tobacco is banned.

The city council said they were eager to ban ecigs due to the lack of research done on the affect they have on the user’s health. Vaping is now banned in all offices, public parks and any place where people under 21s frequent.

“We don’t want to risk e-cigarettes undermining a half-century of successful tobacco control,” said Jonathan Fielding, the director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

The discussion at the city council meeting was heated, those against the ban argued that electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco nor cancer causing chemicals but in the end the council decided that the unknown long term affects where enough to restrict their use.

The Food and Drug Administration have yet to carry out research proving that ecigarette or eliquid can actually cause any harm. We know the the contents of our eliquid, which happen to be 100% natural, we can therefore say with certainty that e-cigarettes are not harmful. In any case, most experts would agree that electronic cigarettes are 1000s of times less harmful than a tobacco cigarette.

Interesting Information About E-Cigarettes

Cheaper Than Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes
With a 20 pack of cigarettes costing upwards of £7 now, switching to an electric cigarette offers obvious financial benefits. Rather than giving you the usual ‘up to 70% cheaper’ line, let’s look at the actual maths behind the savings.
If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day and a packet costs £7, over the course of the year that’s £2555
A starter kit from costs £17.99, which includes 1x battery, 2x refill cartridges and a USB charger. Each refill cartridge is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes and a packet of refill cartridges costs £9.99 for 5. That means for 20 cigarettes you’re essentially reducing your costs to under £2, which is a saving of at least 70%. We’ll include 2 starter packs in our equation and add a few extra cartridges because most people like to keep spares in their car or at work.
2x Starter Packs (£35.98) + 73x 5 Pack Refill Cartridges (£729.71) = £765.25 Per Year
So, if you’re a 20-a-day smoker, you could be saving yourself over £1789 a year, that’s something to think about.

95% Of Smokers Trying To Quit Fail
Studies have found that without the use of a cessation program 95% of smokers fail to quit smoking and with the use of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) at least 85% of smokers failed. As you can see, quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do, that’s why it’s easier to switch to electronic cigarettes. E Cigarettes give the user the nicotine the body craves but without the other 4000+ harmful chemicals found in tobacco. As studies have showed, nicotine does not cause cancer and in small doses is less harmful to your body than a cup of coffee.

No Second Hand Smoke, Legal Anywhere
E Cigarettes only produce a water vapour when used, there’s no smoke or harmful carbon monoxide produced. What this means is that parents can stop harming their children with second hand smoke. E-cigs also don’t fall under the restrictions of the smoking ban; users can legally ‘smoke’ their electronic cigarette indoors and in public places, though it’s always polite to explain it’s not a ‘real’ cigarette to those around you.

No More Bad Breath And Stained Teeth
Some chemicals in tobacco cigarettes cause your fingers and teeth to stain yellow, and the smoke inhaled causes your breath to, well, it causes it to stink. Guess what? You get none of these with electric cigarettes, plus a lot of users report being able to have better and more intense taste after switching to ecigs.

MMM…Tastes Like… Chocolate?
Because electronic cigarettes use a liquid known as eliquid rather than tobacco, scientists have had some fun creating vibrant and mouth watering flavours, as well as the usual tobacco and menthol flavours there’s also many, many more available like Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Cherry and other exciting flavours.

  • The Eleaf iPower 80w has a massive 5000mAh internal battery that should keep you going all day even at full power. It has the usual set of power and temperature control modes; Wattage, Temp Ni/Ti/SS, TCR and ByPass. It’s charged by micro USB and is also firmware upgradeable, which is always a bonus.

  • The smallest 18650 mod in the world is here, introducing the Eleaf iStick Pico kit. This little beast can fire up to 75 watts and includes every mode imaginable including temperature control modes. It’s also firmware upgradeable so you’ll always have the latest and greatest features available. Included in the kit is the new Vaporesso Estoc Mini which has top fill and amazingly flavourful coils.

    Note: Requires a high drain 18650 battery cell to function

  • Does the Uwell Crown live up to the hype? You bet your sweet ass it does! Simple and fully functional, the Uwell Crown can fill from the top or the bottom and comes with Quartz glass which is more durable and has a higher heat resistance than Pyrex (plus there’s a spare included). 3 coils are included in the pack, all dual coil wraps with Japense organic cotton – 1x Stainless Steel 0.25Ω, 1x Stainless Steel 0.5Ω and 1x Nickel 0.15Ω. Also included in the pack are extra seals.

  • Does the Uwell Crown live up to the hype? You bet your sweet ass it does! Simple and fully functional, the Uwell Crown can fill from the top or the bottom and comes with Quartz glass which is more durable and has a higher heat resistance than Pyrex (plus there’s a spare included). 3 coils are included in the pack, all dual coil wraps with Japense organic cotton – 1x Stainless Steel 0.25Ω, 1x Stainless Steel 0.5Ω and 1x Nickel 0.15Ω. Also included in the pack are extra seals.

  • Sleek and exquisite, the Aspire K1 clearomizer is the perfect upgrade for those who’ve just started vaping and want more flavour and more of a hit than lower-end tanks. With a stainless steel drip tip and a pyrex tank, it’s well made and holds a respectable 1.5ml of eliquid. The Aspire K1 uses the new BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) design with organic cotton wicking material. The K1 is a standard eGo fitting and comes with a 1.8ohm atomizer coil already fitted.

Which is the best electronic cigarette?

Sometimes we get asked; what is the best e cigarette?

Well the answer varies on what exactly you need, some of the usual question we ask are:

  • How many ‘real’ cigarettes are you used to smoking each day?
  • Do you want something that looks like a real cigarette?
  • Do you want a rechargeable ecig?
  • Do you want a rechargeable and a refillable ecig?[/list_circle]

SINGLE 20s – Disposable E-Cigarette

If you’re a casual smoker or smoke less than 10 a day, we advise our customers to first try out our disposable range, known as the SINGLE 20s. These disposable electric cigarettes are single use, hence the name, so they’re fully charges and ready to go, no recharging, no refilling, just pop it in your mouth and smoke.

MINI Deluxe Kit – Rechargeable E-Cigarette
If you want a rechargeable ecig that looks and feels like a real cigarette, then the MINI is your perfect option. It’s compact and powerful battery is rechargeable, all you have to do is top up on refill cartridges. Buying the deluxe kit means you have a sleek pocket case to put your e cigarette in, along with your charger and couple of spare cartridges.

SUPERKING Starter Kit – Rechargeable & Refillable E-Cigarette
The SUPERKING, also known as the 510-T is a refillable and rechargeable e cigarette with a long sleek shape, similar to a super kingsize cigarette. With the starter kit you get everything you need to make the switch to a tobacco-free life. By refilling your e-cigarette rather than buying cartridges you’ll save even more money after switching.

SUPREME Starter Kit – Premium E-Cigarette
If you want the top dog in electronic cigarettes then this is the model for you, also known as the Ego-W, it holds a whopping 2.0ML of e liquid and a full charge of battery can last over 2 days. The SUPREME also features SMART battery technology,with the ability to disable the button, preventing the unit going off in your pocket.

So there you have it folks, our complete range of premium electric cigarettes, from cheap disposables to high-end rechargeables.