Stoptober 2022 Elqd Ecigs Bundle Sales!

Stoptober 2022 Deals! Disposables from £2, Kit Bundles from £10!

Introduction to Stoptober 2022:

Another year another Stoptober! For those reading who have no idea what I am talking about and are asking what is Stoptober?  Stoptober is an initiative started by Public Health England in 2012 in order to decrease the total amount of smokers in the UK. Since it’s introduction in 2012 it has prompted around 2.3 million people to attempt to quit smoking!

Stoptober was introduced when a study was done in 2011 which discovered that anyone who manages to abstain from smoking for 28 days is approximately 5 times more likely to quit smoking after that initial 28 days than when they started their 28 day period. So we here at ELQD ECIGS thought we’d put out some cracker deals to help anyone that aspires to partake in Stoptober to set the cigarettes down for good!

So what are ELQD ECIGS doing in order to help you quit smoking?

You’ll be glad to hear that we are running not one, not two, but 3 limited time deals  in order to help anyone giving Stoptober a go this year kick the cigarettes for good!


Deal 1: New to Vaping? Disposable Vape Bars for £2

Just want to test the water? That’s perfectly understandable. Grab 1 of these disposable vape bars with 60% discount – NOW ONLY £2! Get them now while stocks last! 

Disposable Vape Bar Offers - 60% Discount


Deal 2: Vaporesso OSmall + 5x 10ml Eliquid – ONLY £10! 50% Discount!

The Vaporesso OSmall is the perfect little starter kit for anyone who is giving vaping a go for the first time! It’s got an internal 350mAh battery and is draw activated so no buttons, just pick up and puff as if it was a normal cigarette! As far as starter kits go, look no further than the OSmall!

The Vaporesso OSmall is a great place to start your smoke free journey!

Stoptober Bundle Deal - Osmall

Deal 3 : Vaporesso GTX GO 40 + 5x 10ml Eliquid – ONLY £13! 50% Discount!

The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is for those who feel that MTL kits such as the OSmall aren’t quite hitting hard enough for their liking. The GO 40 provides a great RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung) draw with outstanding flavour production while maintaining a rather modest cloud, with an internal 1500mAh it’s got enough to keep you puffing all day long! See our in depth review by Adam here.

The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is perfect for someone looking to dabble in the world of RDTL Vaping!

Stoptober Quit Smoking Kit 2022

Deal 3: Vaporesso GEN 200 + 2x 18650 Batteries + 4x 60ml Eliquid – ONLY £39! 50% Discount!

For anyone that knows their stuff about vaping, the combination of the words “Vaporesso” and “GEN” means only one thing, this kit is outstanding! The Vaporesso GEN 200 is a DTL (Direct To Lung) kit which comes with Vaporesso’s all new iTank. The iTank is one of the market leading tanks at the minute for flavour and cloud production! To sweeten the deal we’ll even throw in 2x high power 18650 batteries!

The Vaporesso GEN 200 is the pinnacle of DTL Vaping technology, perfect for those who want to enjoy amazing flavour and insane clouds!

Vaporesso Gen 200 - Half Price Bundle Deal

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