Which is the best electronic cigarette?

Sometimes we get asked; what is the best e cigarette?

Well the answer varies on what exactly you need, some of the usual question we ask are:

  • How many ‘real’ cigarettes are you used to smoking each day?
  • Do you want something that looks like a real cigarette?
  • Do you want a rechargeable ecig?
  • Do you want a rechargeable and a refillable ecig?[/list_circle]

SINGLE 20s – Disposable E-Cigarette

If you’re a casual smoker or smoke less than 10 a day, we advise our customers to first try out our disposable range, known as the SINGLE 20s. These disposable electric cigarettes are single use, hence the name, so they’re fully charges and ready to go, no recharging, no refilling, just pop it in your mouth and smoke.

MINI Deluxe Kit – Rechargeable E-Cigarette
If you want a rechargeable ecig that looks and feels like a real cigarette, then the MINI is your perfect option. It’s compact and powerful battery is rechargeable, all you have to do is top up on refill cartridges. Buying the deluxe kit means you have a sleek pocket case to put your e cigarette in, along with your charger and couple of spare cartridges.

SUPERKING Starter Kit – Rechargeable & Refillable E-Cigarette
The SUPERKING, also known as the 510-T is a refillable and rechargeable e cigarette with a long sleek shape, similar to a super kingsize cigarette. With the starter kit you get everything you need to make the switch to a tobacco-free life. By refilling your e-cigarette rather than buying cartridges you’ll save even more money after switching.

SUPREME Starter Kit – Premium E-Cigarette
If you want the top dog in electronic cigarettes then this is the model for you, also known as the Ego-W, it holds a whopping 2.0ML of e liquid and a full charge of battery can last over 2 days. The SUPREME also features SMART battery technology,with the ability to disable the button, preventing the unit going off in your pocket.

So there you have it folks, our complete range of premium electric cigarettes, from cheap disposables to high-end rechargeables.

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