How To Setup Your Volcano Lavabox DNA200 Box Mod

So you’ve just received your Volcano Lavabox and you want to make sure your getting the most out of it? Well we’ve got you covered, just follow the steps below and you’ll be shrouded in a cloud of vapour in no time.

Download EScribe Software & Install It

Click here to download the EScribe software from Evolv. This piece of software was made specifically for the DNA200 board. There’s also an interactive manual if you want to go through all the settings, click here to see the manual.

After downloading the software, open it and continue through the steps to install it.

Connect Your Volcano Lavabox And Update

Connect your Volcano Lavabox DNA200 to your PC/laptop with the micro-usb cable provided. On top of the EScribe software there is a button called Connect and Download Settings, click that. If there’s a firmware update available for the DNA200 chip the software will notify you and ask you to update. Update your mod before continuing.

Setup Your Volcano Lavabox DNA200

The first things you need to do is to download the battery curve CSV file from Volcano, click here to download.

  • Click on the Mod tab
  • Change the Capacity – Enter 9.99
  • Change the Cell Soft Cutoff – Enter 3.09***
  • Scroll down and hit the Load CSV… button (below the battery graph)
  • Select the CSV file you just downloaded and click OK
  • Change the Mod Resistance – Enter 0.007
  • Click Upload Settings to Device button

***Volcano have recommended a VERY HIGH cell soft cutoff amount of 3.66v. In short it means that you’re only able to use approximately half the available battery life. 3.09v is the value recommended by Evolv. The DNA200 board has a hard cutoff set at 2.85v, so you’re covered anyway. If you are worried about premature degradation of the battery cells you can set it at 3.2v.

You’re done, have a vape!

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