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ELQD ECIGS Reviews July 2022: Vaporesso Target 80, the kit that’s rugged and ready for anything!


Vaporesso are well known for creating some of the best devices on the market and make no mistake, a good 90% of the devices I myself own are Vaporesso, whether they are pod kits or high-end kits, but when it comes to needing a sub-ohm device that isn’t massive or bulky to carry around, the Vaporesso Target 80 is the kit that I’ve found myself picking up more than anything else that I own.

The Vaporesso Target 80 is the first and smallest iteration of the three new Target series devices and with it being the first one to have come to fruition, it had to make a name for itself and it’s done a very good job at that.

This is a review of the Vaporesso Target 80 by Jason at ELQD ECIGS and my opinions of the device after using it since its release.


What’s in the Vaporesso Target 80s box?



Specs & Features


  • Built-in 3000mAh Battery
  • DC 5V/2A,Type-C Charging Current
  • Adjustable Power Output 5w-80w
  • 0.96” TFT Screen
  • 130.9mm x 30.8mm x 38.3mm (with Pod Tank installed)
  • AXON Chipset with f/t Mode/PULSE Mode/VW Mode
  • Zinc Alloy/PCTG Construction
  • Weight – 129.4g (Battery only)
  • Colours available – Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Red


First Look

 Vaporesso Target 80 First Look, Great Sub-Ohm Pod Kit


The first thing I noticed, and specifically looked for, was the 510 plate which thankfully Vaporesso have not utilised a press-fitted 510 fitting and have instead opted for a 510 plate screwed directly to the chassis of the mod itself. The 510 plate measures 25.5mm so it will happily accommodate any tanks of the same diameter with no overhang, but tanks of a larger diameter can also be used.

Oddly, just below the 510 plate is an orange lanyard hook, if lanyards are your kind of thing. They do not include a lanyard with the device but the option is there which may appeal to some users.


Design & Build Quality


As mentioned in a previous review by my colleague, Vaporesso are one of the market leaders in build quality and pride themselves in the quality of their products. The Vaporesso Target 80 is no exception. The mod features a new triangular cage-like structure, which adds strength and rigidity whilst remaining lightweight and ergonomic.


The Vaporesso Target 80 has been rigorously tested for its strength under lab conditions and based on a 1.5m drop test, is 10x stronger than previous Target series devices, such as the Target PM80.


From a looks perspective, the Vaporesso Target 80 is aesthetically pleasing with the diamond cut shaped panels which are bevelled and curved around the sides of the mod and due to the metallic finish on these plates, they refract light to reveal a rather cool 3D effect. The side plates also offer some grip which is only nothing but good.


On the base of the mod we’ve got some engraving with reminders about the AXON Chipset and the 3000mAh battery, and some ventilation holes. The bottom of the Target 80 is nice and flat so the device will sit upright with no issues of falling over, especially when charging thanks to the front facing USB Type-C charging port.


How to use the Vaporesso Target 80


The Vaporesso Target 80 is somewhat of a more advanced kit but Vaporesso have made it very easy to set-up and get going. The GTX PodTank 26 is very easy to fill and coil changing is even easier thanks to the PnP (Push & Pull) nature of the GTX Coil range. There are multiple functions that can be selected from the menu such as f/t mode, but we’ll dive into the different modes a bit later.


Vaporesso Target 80, Easy To Use Sub-Ohm Pod Kit


Initial Set-up of the Vaporesso Target 80


  • Ensure the Vaporesso Target 80 Mod is fully charged before use
  • Insert one of the included GTX Mesh coils into the bottom of the GTX Pod
  • Screw the GTX PodTank base onto the Vaporesso Target 80 mod
  • Place the Pod into the GTX PodTank Base
  • Unscrew the top-cap and fill with your eliquid of choice
  • Allow the coil to soak for at least 10 minutes before use
  • Press the fire button 5 times to power on the mod
  • Set the wattage according to the manufacturer’s recommendation




The Vaporesso Target 80 not only looks the part, but it performs just as expected as well!


I have been using the Vaporesso Target 80 since release mainly at home but do take it with me to work or when I’m out and about running errands and i’m very pleased to report battery life has never been an issue and I’ve never been caught short when I’m out and about using it. The battery life is absolutely incredible for a 3000mAh device running around the 65w-70w mark.


At first I used the included GTX PodTank and used the included 0.2ohm coil which I am very familiar with. For the duration of using the GTX PodTank I used Dr Vapes Eliquids’ Pink Remix as I am a partial fan of their brand and was easily getting at least 2 weeks before I had to change the coil. To be fair Dr Vapes can be quite rough on a coil, so getting 2 weeks out of that initial coil I thought was fairly impressive!


The one con I have is the GTX PodTank did let a little bit of a leak out of it but having revisited it at a later date with a fresh coil there was no visible leaking. As with any tank, leaking can happen but that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.


I dabble with RTAs, RDAs, RDTAs, just anything that’s rebuildable to some degree. I found the Vaporesso Target 80 paired with my Augvape Intake RTA was a match made in heaven for me. Keeping things consistent I ran this build with Dr Vapes Pink Remix also. Running a single coil build at 40w was quite a cool vape for my liking but the flavour was spot on and the cloud really was impressive for only 40W of power!


Charging wise the Target 80 usually took around 1 hour to charge from 0%-100% which is incredible again for a device packing a 3000mAh battery.


In terms of the strength and build quality, the Target 80 has withstood anything that I have thrown at it. I’m generally quite careful with my devices but accidents happen. Bar a few scratches that are eventually going to happen, the Target 80 has held up very well with minor scratches and no noticeable battery sag or issues in build quality. It’s an absolute pleasure to use!


As mentioned previously there are a few different modes to the Target 80 which go as follows:

f/t Mode – Applies different voltages in rapid succession to vaporize each flavour at its optimum temperature. The user experiences concentrated, highly balanced flavour without muting key flavour notes. This occurs so quickly that there is a very smooth vape with intense flavour.

PULSE Mode – For as long as you have the fire button pressed and you are taking a vape, every 0.02 seconds, the Vaporesso Target 80 will give you a “hit” keeping the vape at a constant high wattage and not waning off after a few seconds.

Other modes include the standard VW Mode along with Smart functions as well which automatically detect the ohms rating of the coil and will suggest a wattage the device thinks is best.




In conclusion, I highly recommend the Vaporesso Target 80 and the GTX PodTank to anyone looking for a device that is of high build quality but doesn’t skimp out on performance. Vaporesso have knocked the ball out of the park with the Target 80 and it’s great to see the updated Target series of devices getting the much needed overhaul that was needed to bring them to the forefront of vaping again.

If you’re looking for a good, sturdy device with great battery life, absolutely insane flavour and lightweight, all without costing an arm and a leg, then look no further than the Vaporesso Target 80!



Review: Vaporesso Target 80 Kit - ELQD ECIGS
Vaporesso Target 80 Sub Ohm Vape Kit

The Vaporesso Target 80 is nothing short of outstanding. With amazing battery life and the PodTank 26 chucking out flavour like a champion, the Vaporesso Target 80 is sure to put a smile on your face from the first draw!

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