You Are Currently Viewing Elqd Ecigs Vape Kit Reviews March 2023; Vaporesso Luxe X. The Perfect Addition To Anyone’S Vaping Arsenal!

ELQD ECIGS Vape Kit Reviews March 2023; Vaporesso LUXE X. The perfect addition to anyone’s Vaping Arsenal!

Here we are with Vaporesso’s latest machination in the world of open-pod vape systems! The Vaporesso Luxe X is the new dog on the block in a highly competitive market, and we all know Vaporesso are no stranger to bringing new innovations to vaping!

At face value we can already see that the Luxe X is going to be right up there with the top dogs, do we think it will take the top spot? You’ll have to wait until the end of our review to see what we think!

What follows is a review from Adam at ELQD ECIGS and are my opinions gathered from using the kit since release!

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Vaporesso Luxe X Battery
  • 1x Vaporesso Luxe X 0.4Ω Pod
  • 1x Vaporesso Luxe X 0.8Ω Pod
  • 1x USB Type C Charging Cable
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x User Manual

Specs & Features

  • AXON Chip Inside
  • COREX Coil Technology
  • 1500mAh Internal Battery
  • Max 40W output
  • 1.5A Type C Charging
  • 3 LED Light Display
  • Auto Lock to prevent misfires
  • SSS Leak Prevention
  • Compatible with the Luxe XR Pods
  • Compatible with the GTX Coil Platform (when using the Luxe XR Pods)

First look

At first glance, the Vaporesso Luxe X is easy on the eye to say the least, its clear PCTG plastic exterior reveals the intricate circuitry on the interior of the mod, showing off exactly what makes this kit work, which I am a big fan of! The rugged metal band which contains the resting position for the pod finishes off the Luxe X nicely, giving it a sleek, futuristic look.

Vaporesso Luxe X Hand Check With Doozy Tahiti

Design & Build Quality

As we all know, Vaporesso are no slouches when it comes to build quality. I’m glad to announce that the Luxe X is no exception. The pod sits in its hollow nicely due to the magnets & I must say, the click produced when inserting a pod is probably one of the most satisfying noises I have heard in a long time. My colleagues agree, even to the point where the Boss has started to use his as a fidget toy!

The plastic exterior has held up extremely well even to my clumsiness, with not a single scratch appearing on the mod after multiple drops onto just about every surface you can think of! 

How to Use the Vaporesso Luxe X

  1. Remove the mod and the pod of choice from their position in the box
  2. Remove the pod from its casing
  3. Fill the pod with your liquid of choice, this can be done by opening the seal on the base of the pod
  4. Close the seal & insert the pod into it’s resting place atop the mod
  5. Allow the pod to soak in your liquid for at least 15 minutes
  6. Click the power button on the mod 5 times to turn the Luxe X on
  7. Push the button when you’re taking a draw
  8. Enjoy!


Now we get to the fun bit, actually using the kits!

The Luxe X comes with 2 pods in the box, the 0.4Ω and the 0.8Ω pod, there is however a 3rd pod in the works, Vaporesso are working on a 0.6Ω pod for the Luxe X. At the time of writing this review the 0.6Ω pod is not available, but when it is available I will update this review with my opinion on it.

A unique feature of the Luxe X pods is the way they get around the need for an airflow slider, on the base of the pod you will be able to see there is one side with a big hole & another with 2 small holes, this works along with the differing sizes of airflow holes on the exterior of the mod to allow you to customise the draw to exactly the way you like it.

Starting with the 0.4Ω pod, I paired this with Tahiti from Doozy’s Nicotine salt’s range in 10mg. This was an ideal pairing for the 0.4Ω pod, it provided a seriously good hit of flavour and nicotine with a nice level of warmth. It really highlighted the grapefruit on the inhale & it helped the citrus fizz come through the whole way throughout the draw. While using the 0.4Ω pod I kept it at the loosest airflow possible, this provided a draw which was nice and non restrictive while still providing a delightful level of warmth throughout the draw. The 0.4Ω pod can also be used with any of our shortfill range & provides an absolute bucket load of flavour.

Moving on to the 0.8Ω pod, to keep things consistent I also paired this with Tahiti 10mg. Although it provided an all round more mellow & cooler vape, this was still an extremely pleasant draw with plenty of flavour, almost comparable to the draw from the XROS 0.8Ω pod with just a tad more power! The 0.8Ω pod is the same as the 0.4Ω pod in that it has two airflow options, I opted for the more open of the 2 to provide a nice cool Mouth to Lung (MTL) draw.


In conclusion, the Vaporesso Luxe X is a little pocket rocket that can do just about everything that you could ever want in vaping, and I can only say that it is likely to add more and more to it’s repertoire as Vaporesso further develop the technology that they’re using in the pods. 

We would definitely recommend that you pick yourself one up, whether you’re a new vaper looking to trash the ash, or an old hand looking for a smaller kit to bring out and about with you! Pick yourself one up here!

If you’re looking for a savage deal, pick up the Luxe X Super bundle HERE, this includes the Luxe X kit, a 2 pack of pods and 4 bottles of liquid for just £36!

If you’ve came here looking to pick up some pods for the Luxe X, see the links Below:

Vaporesso Luxe X Pod Kit
Luxe X Main

Vaporesso's latest machination in the world of open pod vaping systems, the Vaporesso Luxe X met and exceeded all my expectations, it's a great addition to anyone's repertoire of vaping kits. Portable and packed full of flavour and power, what else could you want?

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