Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Yes they do. By stopping smoking and switching to an electronic cigarette you’re only getting what you need, nicotine. And you’re getting rid of everything that’s harmful, like the 4,000+ chemicals found in a regular cigarette. Put simply, you’re addicted to cigarettes because of nicotine, with e cigarettes you’re getting what you need and as a result you end up getting healthier, saving yourself potentially £1000s and not harming those around you.

  • Save Money – Up to 70% cheaper than ordinary cigarettes

With many cigarettes in the UK now upwards of £8 per 20 pack. heavy smokers can literally save thousands of pounds a year by switching to e-cigarettes.

  • Healthier – No tar or any of the other 1000+ chemicals you find in tobacco cigarettes

E-cigs only have nicotine and a food grade diluent rather than the other 1000+ harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes.

  • Smoke Anytime, Anywhere – Legally ‘smoke’ anywhere, including indoors

Because electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and don’t produce smoke, they’re not subject to the smoking ban in the UK or other countries. You can legally vape anywhere you want, anytime you want.

  • No Smoke, No Smell

No second hand smoke harming your friends or family and no nasty smell stinking up your clothes or home. You’ll even have nicer smelling breath.

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