ELQD ECIGS is in the business of liberating people from the harmful (and expensive) habit of tobacco smoking. We offer people an alternative, called electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes give users the same smoking sensation, while delivering the only thing the user needs, nicotine. As a result of removing the other 4000+ chemicals found in tobacco the user benefits from a healthier experience.

ELQD ECIGS was founded in 2012, our aim is to get our premium quality electronic cigarettes and eliquid into the hands of every smoker in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. We believe in our products and we believe that e-cigarettes are a viable alternative for cigarette smokers across the world.

We currently have 4 stores in Northern Ireland and expect to have more as the years go on. Our main store is in Cookstown, Tyrone, our second store is based in Magherafelt, (London)Derry, our third is in Coalisland and our fourth is in Dungannon. The reason we’ve had such amazing success is because we sourced the BEST manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and eliquid. We also offer customers 30 days warranty on all E-cigarette Starter Kits. The other main reason for our success is our ridiculously long list of eliquid flavours, we currently have 25 flavours and this will expand in the future.

Along with our own brand products we supply genuine e-cigarette kits, batteries, clearomizer tanks and atomizer coils from the biggest manufacturers in the world, such as Kanger, Aspire, Eleaf, Innokin and Joyetech. We also sell for 1 of the biggest premium eliquid manufacturers in the world, Cosmic Fog.

You might be wondering where we came up with the name ELQD ECIGS? Well it’s actually quite simple, the liquid used in electric cigarettes is known as e-liquid, so we just shortened that down to ELQD and of-course electronic cigarettes are often referred to as ECIGS, so we just put the 2 together, clever eh?

Our business focuses specifically on being a premium e-cigarette brand but at a price that’s affordable to all customers. The black and yellow gold logo is to emphasize to all of our customers that ELQD ECIGS are the ‘gold standard’ in the electronic cigarette industry. Our products don’t come in the usual cheap packaging or contain sub-par battery technology, we take pride in knowing that our products and display packaging are the result of hours of design work and manufactured with the best quality materials available.

Our eliquid is made from the highest quality ingredients such as fruit and plant extracts. Our e-liquid is certified by several worldwide health and safety agencies and are packed in UK compliant CHIP packaging, including mandatory warning labels and ingredient list.