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6 Reasons To Shop Local

There are several benefits to shopping locally, from helping you make the right choice to helping your local economy grow. We’ve made a list of the best reasons why you should buy all your vape gear locally.

  1. Get a feel for the real thing
    It’s all well and good looking at something on a screen and imagining it in your hand but you don’t really know how heavy it is, does it fit well in your pocket? Is the quality of the finish going to stand up to the daily abuse of your job? We have all our kits on display in-store, so you can be 100% sure it’s the kit for you before buying. You can pick them up, feel the weight, feel the finish, check that the button is as clicky as you imagined and even check if it fits in your pocket nicely…as long as it comes back out of your pocket and back onto the display table again 😉
  2. No Clones – Only Genuine Products
    Unfortunately, as with any growing industry, there has been an influx of clone devices on the market. You might think to yourself, sure what’s the harm in buying a clone device? It’s basically the same thing, right? It looks the same and it’s cheaper. Well you’d be half right… it will be cheaper and there’s a reason for that. Clone batteries, mods, tanks and kits are made as cheaply as possible, often sold without being tested and made using lower quality materials, in essence, they are not safe! And you know why the companies making them don’t care if they’re safe or not? Because their logo isn’t on the product. The reason you’ll pay a bit more for a genuine product is not because of the name, it’s because the materials are better quality, the products have went through rigorous testing and the brand wants to grow its customer base so it has to do research and development for the next generation of products.
    At ELQD ECIGS we’re proud to have ALL genuine products. We’ve never had and never will stock clone products, it’s just not worth the risk.
  3. “Do You Have Coils For This?”
    This is a question we get asked on a daily basis. Someone pops into 1 of our shops asking for a coil and produces a no-name brand kit with an odd looking coil design. While we’re not knocking smaller ecig manufacturers, there are a lot of “wannabe” companies that will pop out a few kits or tanks with strange shaped coils that can only be purchased from them. The next thing you know, no one stocks the coils because they’re crap or the sellers have moved on to the next cheap kit they can make a quick buck off.
    We stock coils for every kit and tank we sell and often stock coils for older generation products that we don’t even stock anymore. So you can be rest assured that we’ll always have the coil you need.
  4. “I Bought This Online And Don’t Know How To Use It”
    Another thing we hear regularly. We have to admire how brazen some people are, coming into another store asking for help when it wasn’t bought from there. Seriously though, would you ever buy a laptop from Amazon then go into PC World and ask them to show you how to use it?
    When you buy from ELQD ECIGS in-store we’ll set the whole kit up for you, fill it up for you and show you what all the buttons do. You can ask any questions you have and we’re always here to help if there’s any issues.
  5. Faulty Items and Returns
    How frustrating is it when you buy a brand new kit, mod or tank and there’s something wrong with it? Have you tried getting a refund from an eBay seller or a random online store? Package it back up, send it away, wait a few days, email them to remind them you’re waiting on a refund, wait another few days and then get a refund, sound familiar? Save yourself the hassle, come in store, see a friendly face, get your new purchase setup for you and if there’s any issues we’re here to sort them out for you. If your item is faulty we’ll often replace it on the spot if it’s within the warranty period.
  6. Support The Local Economy
    When you buy local you’re supporting your local economy. The money you pay for your purchases gets paid back out in wages, which in turn gets used in other local shops, restaurants, etc. keeping the money in the local economy and helping local businesses to grow and create more jobs.