UK Study Recommends E-cigarette Use For Smoking Cessation

The latest report by the British Psychological Society about e-cigarettes is suggesting the devices are used as a smoking cessation tool.

Changing behavior: electronic cigarettes was the report published this week. It aims to raise awareness and makes a number of recommendations pertaining to how e-cigarettes should be included in smoking cessation programs .

Dr. Lynne Dawkins, Associate Professor, London South Bank University sates, “For smokers trying to quit, e-cigarettes are more attractive than traditional smoking cessation methods, such as nicotine replacement therapy, and at least as effective”

Dr Lynne Dawkins Quote, Using E-cigs as a Cessatuib Tool

In line with what Dr. Dawkins said, there are a number of studies that have already indicated that e-cigarettes are a smokers preferred smoking cessation tool. this is due to the hand to mouth motion required to vape, This closely imitates the action of smoking, which in turn helps the transition from smoking to not smoking a smoother one.


Dr Dawkins Second quote, On using e-cigs as a cessation tool

Dr. lynee Dawkins and Co Author Dr. Hayden Mc.Robbie concluded the report by offering the following suggestions:

  • Improve education about the relative harms of smoking, nicotine and e-cigarettes
  • Combine existing best practice, NHS Stop Smoking Services (SSS) with the most popular quitting method (E-cigarettes) to increase attractiveness of the SSS and further boost success rate. Offer e-cigarettes and technical support as part of the SSS and fund the services to support smokers to quit.
  • Use policy interventions and fiscal measure to raise the cost of smoking and reduce the cost of e-cigarettes. Continue to increase taxes, smoke free regulation and purchasing barriers for cigarettes but regulate the reduced risk product less heavily. For e-cigarettes, avoid taxation and ‘Vape-Free’ legislation and promote unrestricted advertising of factual information.
  • Regulate to promote product development – allow e-cigarettes to further evolve and improve so the are safer, more appealing and satisfying for more smokers.
  • Invest in research to continue to explore the effects of e-cigarettes on smoking cessation and to determine which factors promote a successful transition

Research keeps indicating that smokers crave both nicotine and the physical action of smoking, while other cessation tools available in pharmacies only satisfy the former.