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The Effectiveness of E-cigs over patches compared in NZ Study

Going down the route of findings hailing from different parts of the world, a recent study coming from Auckland, New Zealand, shows how e-cigs have more of an effect as a smoking cessation aid than nicotine patches.

Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation: a randomised controlled trial is the name of the study published on The Lancet. the study was conducted between 6th Sept 2011 and 5th July 2013 with the help of 657 adult smokers who wanted to stop smoking. Of these participants, 295 were using nicotine patches, 289 using e-cigs with nicotine-containing liquid and 73 using e-cigs with nicotine free liquid. As well as that they were offered subtle support over the phone from 1 week before the trial until 12 weeks after.

The results of the trial were simple: E-cigarettes have a higher success rate that Nicotine Patches

After a period of 7 days, the researchers measured the success rate of smoking avoidance, they discovered that 61 of the e-cig users(21%), using nicotine-containing liquid, has sucessfully not smoked. In comparison, only 46 of the people using nicotine patches had not smoked (15.6%). The initial results were brought together after a six month period from quitting date, and it shown that 21 of the people on e-cigs with nicotine(7.3%), had continuously avoided smoking over the full trial. With the nicotine patches, only 17 (5.8%) had stayed away from smoking. Also out of the E-cigs with nicotine free liquid, 3 of the people (4.1%) had managed to successfully quit.

As quoted from the study: “E-cigarettes, with or without nicotine, were modestly effective at helping smokers to quit, with similar achievement of abstinence as with nicotine patches, and few adverse events.”

The findings have also shown that even if not all of the participants quit completely, they did however cut down the number of cigarettes they were smoking by using an e-cig in parallel. In doing so they reduce some of the risks tied to smoking alone.

E-cigarettes are a smokers’ preferred aid to quitting

An article found on White Cloud, had shown a fascinating point. The lead author of the study, Dr Christopher Bullen, was taken by surprise by noticing that participants of the study seemed more enthusiastic to quit with the use of e-cigs over the use of nicotine patches. this fact goes down the route of other studies produced that show smokers are more inclined to choose e-cigs as a smoking cessation aid because they mimic the same actions of smoking which also helps make the change from smoking to vaping an easier option.