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Switching to Vaping is Saving you money

A US report published online has shown that, as well as improving your health benefits, making the change from smoking to vaping is proving to be more financially sufficient for those who smoke.

The online poll organised by online marketplace LendEDU, discovered that making the transition form smoking to vaping saves people in the US in around $1500 per year. The poll asked around 1000 people who vape to work out how much money they would spend on vape based products over one month, in comparison to how much they would part with before when smoking. The participants showed that on average they were spending around $80 one off for the kits and and then around $60 for e-liquid, atomizers or refill cartridges. In comparison, a smoker consuming 20 cigarettes per day, could spend anywhere from $180 and above per month, or between $6 to $15 per day depending on which state they live in.

As well as the having to throw all that money out for cigarettes, all the adverse effects smoking brings to a persons health – leading to more frequent trips to the doctors and pharmacies, smoking cigarettes also bring higher quotes when it comes to life insurance policies. In the UK, for example, a smoker on 20 a day, and aged 40, will pay anywhere from 83% to 115% more than a person that doesn’t smoke on there insurance policies.