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Spanish Study Confirms Effectiveness Of E-Cigarettes

Anesvap, a Spanish vaping association, conducted a survey of nearly 10,000 e-cigarette users and have just released their findings. The data is inline with countless other studies from other studies around the world and confirms the effectiveness of e-cigarettes. The main findings were as follows:

  • 99.6% of vapers in Spain are adults
  • The average e-cigarette users’ age is 38.5
  • 79% of users are male and 21% are female
  • The average user has been vaping for 1.83 years
  • 96.33% of users smoked cigarettes before taking up vaping
  • 91.85% of vapers successfully quit smoking tobacco thanks to e-cigarettes
  • 89.89% of users started vaping for health reasons
  • 92.43% of users detected improvements in their health
  • 85.81% stated that flavours were important to quit tobacco
  • The average nicotine strength when first starting vaping was 11.42mg/ml, whereas the average now is 4.04mg/ml

This study is interesting and very relevant since the recent news about some US cities banning flavoured eliquids.