Another Study Indicates The Relative Safety Of Vaping

This latest research indicating that e-cigs are significantly safer than their combustible counterparts was carried out in Southeastern US, and was published on soical networking site ResearchGate.

The results of the study found that vaping has had “a dramatic and positive effect on the heath of those who are able to switch from cigarettes.” The researchers derived these conclusions by look at the long term vapers in a bid to understand how e-cig use has affected their health. Dr. Robert L. Cranfield and his team, found that the respondents experienced a 96% reduction in self reported health effects after switching from smoking to e-cigarettes.

The team complied the data by handing out questionnaires via social media groups, and paper surveys in local vape shops. A total of 573 surveys where returned. Three categories where looked at, former smokers who reported no ill effects while smoking, former smokers who had been using e-cigs for over three years, and vapers who had never smoked.

The study was originally published in 2016, however its gained traction this month by being circulated via more trusted hubs such as Google Scholar.