AHA Study: E-cig Users More Likely To Be Former Smokers


AHA Study, US E-cig users are more likley to be former smokers

Preliminary research released by the American Heart Association (AHA), indicates that e-cigarettes are more frequently used by people who have been trying to, or have recently quit smoking, and by alcohol drinkers.

Presenter at the AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2017, a global exchange of the latest advances in cardiovascular science for researchers and clinicians, the research indicates that when compared to other tobacco users, vapers are more likely to be current or former cigarette smokers. Former smokers were 23 times more likely to use a e-cigarette within the last three months of quitting smoking.

E-cigarettes are a smokers preferred smoking cessation tool, in line with this a study released by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) last April, indicated that e-cigarettes are commonly the most used cessation tool for currant and former smokers.

The AHA researchers analyzed data from 5,423 tobacco users recorded in the 2013/14 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). from these, 116 were e-cigarette users, 8% of these people never smoked.

While the AHA keeps cautioning against the use of vaping products a study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center last month, indicated that up to 6.6 million early deaths could have been avoided across the United States if smokers had switched to e-cigarettes.